Wednesday, September 1, 2010

photos - delmas 31 bridge - part 6

The person who designed the fruit and vegetable garden is Paul. When he first started he cleared out a bunch of the garbage to get at the soil underneath. Then the planting started. He doesn't own or rent this land. It is government land on one side and on the other side is part of the land of the Brothers of St. Louis church. At first they didn't want him working the land.

Then they realized the greenery growing and welcomed his beautification efforts. Since then his garden has blossomed. Here is Paul planting a new banana plant.

The tuberous root of this plant is eaten, like a potato/yam.

There are bananas growing everywhere. This bunch is growing well. Paul is proud of his work. He is a christian and told us that when he was younger he prayed for a place to grow. He found the ravine area and considers his garden as a gift from God. Pray for Paul's Garden.

Before we left he wanted to give us this gift of bananas.

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