Thursday, September 30, 2010

photos - handicapped - part 1

The storm last Friday did a lot of damage, but we did see a couple humorous effects of the storm. We were at the intersection of Delmas and Delmas 40-B and I looked to see what color the stop light was. I then noticed there was no stoplight for our side of the street! Amos was with me and I asked him what happened to the stop light? ....

He pointed off to the left and said "There it is!" The blowing of the wind had moved the position of the stop light. That wind sure was strong!

This tree came down by Delmas 45. This year the works department added sidewalk and curb on the street. They haven't gotten around to paving the street yet. Because the roots of this tree were in the way when they were preparing to pour the cement they just chopped them. As a result when the winds blew there were not much roots to hold the tree and it flopped over against this house!

There is some removal going on. A heavily damaged section was the road leading from Bourdon to Rte. Canape Vert. Traffic was slowed by this back hoe loading rubble into the dumptruck.

It is difficult for a loader to scoop the rubble because of the narrow street and it is easier in this instance to use a back hoe. Pray for the rubble removal process. It has been a slow process so far.

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