Tuesday, September 21, 2010

photos - clinic - part 1

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Karen McCarthy and a medical team returned back to Haiti to hold medical clinics. The team is enthusiastic. As soon as they got to Sherri's place from the Airport they headed over here to Coram Deo to hold the first clinic. During the week they were here they held 3 medical clinics at our place and 2 in Gonaives. At the 5 clinics they treated 1,000 people. We give the Lord thanks for those who come to Haiti to help provide medical care. The best news is that they are coming back again in November! Pray for the preparations they will be making for the next clinics. The elderly lady shown walking with a walker was injured during the earthquake when a wall fell on her while she was walking down a street. She was treated in the Dominican Republic. Since coming back to Port-au-Prince she had no follow-up care. Junior carried her on his back from a tent in a refuge camp to our truck.

The team used supplies that they brought as well as supplies from Sherri's and our place. The people are thankful for the care they receive.

This was a first visit to Haiti for Kathleen who is Dr. Karen's niece. Macdonald always enjoys helping out at the registration table.

It is good to provide for the medical needs of the haitian people but it is also just as important to address their spiritual needs too. Pastor Senord came to evangelize to the people as they waited to be seen. Some of the people who were waiting even asked him questions!

Lately we have had several situations where we found injured people at the side of the road. While bringing the elderly woman with the walker back to her refuge camp we saw this man laying by the entrance to the camp near the "moonshine" stand. He is one of the workers in the rubble removal program. While walking over some rubble he slipped and his leg was sliced open on some broken ceramic tile. The cut went to the bone. He went to a hospital and they stitched up his leg but they gave him no pain medicine. He was drinking moonshine to dull his pain. We brought him to see Dr. Karen and she provided something other than moonshine! The man apologized for drinking. Pray that his leg heals and that he doesn't hang out around the moonshine stand.

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