Tuesday, September 21, 2010

photos - clinic - part 2

This man is another man we saw sitting at the side of a road outside of another refuge camp in our area. He called us over to him after we had brought someone back to the Adventist Refuge Camp. 10 days prior he had stepped on something that pierced through the bottom of his foot. His foot was bandaged but he was in a lot of pain and his foot was swollen. We told him that we would take him to see Dr. Karen and she told us that his foot was badly infected. We brought him to the Bernard Mevs/Project Medishare Hospital and they operated on his foot that night. The surgeon said there was a lot of infection. He was discharged from the hospital the next morning and joyfully went back to his tent! It sure is fun playing the role of the Good Samaritan!

This father brought his son to the clinic with a cyst below his eye. We brought him to the eye clinic at Grace Children's Hospital and they in turn referred him to General Hospital. Francilme had his surgery last week and we are awaiting the test results on the cyst to find out if it is cancerous or not. Pray for healing for Francilme and that he doesn't have cancer.

This young boy was in misery. His abdomen and legs were both very swollen. We transported the mother and son to Hopital Nos Petits Freres/Soeurs and they admitted him as an emergency case. Pray for healing for him as well.

These 2 patients both had heart abnormalities. We brought them to get an echographie. The boy has a mitral valve prolapse and the woman has a pulmonary problem affecting the heart. The haitian doctor that did the echographie noticed her skin color. She was applying a chemical cream regularly to her skin so that she would be a lighter color. I call this "Michael Jackson Syndrome". He is of the opinion that the chemicals are causing lung/heart damage. Pray that Haitian women accept the color of their skin and don't turn to chemicals to change their skin.

This young boy sits in front of our gate everyday with the lady who sells cookies and candies. I always thought that the woman who is holding him in this picture was his grandmother. Today she told me the story of "Dieusibon" ( translated as God is Good). A few years ago while she was downtown at the large outdoor market area (Crois des Bossales) she walked past a garbage pile and heard a baby crying. She stopped looked and then figuring that she was hearing things she moved on again. She heard the crying and turned around and saw a baby in the garbage. Someone had thrown him away as a piece of living garbage. Her heart was touched, she picked up the baby and brought him home. Since then she has been a member of her family. This woman is a special woman. Pray for "God is Good" and for the woman looking after him.

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