Thursday, September 30, 2010

photos - various - part 5

Elections for president will be held on November 28th. The official campaign period has now started. There are posters put up across the city. This one is for Jude Celestin whose party is Inite. This is the political organization that the current president has formed. Jude Celestin is a strong favorite to be the next president of Haiti.

Mirlande Manigat is also a candidate running for president.

Charles Baker is also a candidate as well.... in all there are 19 candidates vying to be the new president of Haiti. Pray for the electoral process.

We saw this poster which reads "100% for Haiti. Haiti will not perish" Pray for a strong leader to be elected to lead the reconstruction effort of the country.

A group of young adults from the neighborhood is meeting here at Coram Deo to learn english. Those who know how to speak english are teaching others. It is good to see young adults striving to improve their lives.

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