Friday, September 17, 2010

photos - various - part 5

We brought Lourdie Aldor to the Bernard Mevs/Project Medishare Hospital to get fitted for a new prosthetic leg. Her other prosthetic leg was lost in the collapse of her home.

This elderly lady came from Mirebalais to get a "tune-up" on her prosthetic leg. She is a 72 year old woman who is very determined. Her leg was taped together so that she could walk. We brought her too the prosthetic clinic at the hospital.

Project Medishare continues to be very active with their medical relief effort. This is one of the many medical volunteers who come from all over to help Haiti. Davor lives on site in a room attached to the prosthetic clinic. He is a friendly man and eager to help as many people as he can. Pray for the efforts of all the people involved with Project Medishare as they continue to assist the Haitian people.

After getting a "tune-up" on her prosthetic limb this elderly woman returned back to Mirebalais. Now she can dance again!

Project Medishare and Healing Hands continue with the hydrocephalus program. Jansika and her mother live in a refuge camp in the Delmas 31/Hatt area. Her mother has been looking after well and we have been helping the mother with baby formula. Because the mother doesn't eat well she is not able to have enough breast milk to support her child. Project Medishare paid for Jansika's cat scan and the surgeries are scheduled for October 23rd to 27th. Pray for all the children who will be receiving surgery.

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