Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This morning we brought an elderly lady to the Healing Hands/Handicap International Prosthetic/Orthotic clinic at Poste Marchande here in Port-au-Prince. She needed some repairs to her artificial leg. While there we saw a dozen amputees waiting for help in the clinic. Since the earthquake the handicapped are more visible (which is good). Pray for organizations like Healing Hands and Handicap International who focus on helping the handicapped here in Haiti. Healing Hands will be opening their clinic at a new location in the Bois Verna section of Port-au-Prince in October. The earthquake destroyed their building but their work continues on. Pray for the planning and preparations of this move. It is great seeing the determination of people helping the handicapped. Maybe Haitian society will now change to an attitude of acceptance of the handicapped into Haitian society, rather than exclusion. To watch a video about the work of Handicap International here in Haiti follow the link to:

Working for Change in Haiti - Handicap International

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