Sunday, September 26, 2010

photos - storm - part 5

We made 13 trips with Kimosabee to haul off the debris. The dumpster wasn't big enough so we just kept putting it beside the dumpster. The distance beside the dumpster just kept growing and growing! The dumpster isn't pictured. It is way up front. In Haiti there is a proverb. "Many hands, the burden is not heavy". Everybody worked hard the entire day to remove all the tree debris from the storm.

A tree fell onto the remainder of Pastor Octave's church knocking down the tin roof.

The poor church really has taken a beating. Only the front and back walls remain standing after the earthquake and the congregation had propped the tin roof up to serve as shelter from the sun.

Good thing they have a tent to meet under now.

A member of the church has a tent in the church yard. Pastor Octave is standing next to it. A tree branch fell beside it. Good thing nobody was inside at the time.

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