Thursday, September 30, 2010

photos - healing hands - part 3

Wichtarline already received an operation to treat her hydrocephalus. She came to the house this week to go to the new Healing Hands clinic for a meeting.

The Healing Hands building was destroyed in the earthquake and they just recently found an alternate location in the Bois Verna area. They will be using this new location until another building is rebuilt. Pray for the work of Healing Hands.

Together with Project Medishare they run the hydrocephalus program. After surgeries the families are encouraged to come to Healing Hands for physical therapy.

Miss Justin is a very capable nurse who works with Healing Hands. During the meeting she explained to the parents the plans that Healing Hands has for the program.

The parents who attended have been looking after their children well. Healing Hands offers a few days of seminars to hydrocephalus parents to teach them how to look after their children properly and to educate them about hydrocepahlus. These seminars are done before each surgical team arrives. Parents know what to expect and better look after their children post-op as a result of these seminars. The next seminars will be held next week. Pray that these seminars will be well attended.

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