Tuesday, September 21, 2010

photos - various - part 6

This man enjoys his "moose hat"! He was enjoying walking down the street talking to all the people commenting on his hat style. This photo is for people in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and Moosonee, Ontario!

All over the city people are demolishing broken buildings. The rubble removal process is a marathon and not a sprint. Pray for encouragement for the people of Port-au-Prince as they slowly dig out the city from the rubble.

Large buildings that collasped pancaked down onto lower floors trapping and killing people beneath. Now that rubble is being removed the human remains are appearing.
*** Warning - GRAPHIC photos ahead - If you don't want to see them scroll past them ***
At the building pictured above is a "Bone Cross" with a doll on it. This building is located on the corner of Delmas 40B and Delmas. For the last week people have walked by noticing the human bone cross. This is a symbol created by the workers at this building site to all the thousands of lives (both children and adult) that were lost in the rubble and whose bodies were not able to be retrieved and properly buried.

At the Hopital Trinite - Medecins Sans Frontiers Trauma Hospital site on Delmas 19 workers are finishing off the final clearing of the site. These 2 human skulls were found in the rubble and were placed on rebar sticking up from the ground as a testimony to the unknown who died at the hospital during the earthquake. Pray for all families who have lost loved ones to the earthquake.

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