Thursday, September 30, 2010

photos - various - part 6

Our yard is starting to resemble a barn yard again. Rudy's mother enjoys her poultry. This rooster is proud and healthy. He is king of the roost here. He co-operates well though. He doesn't enter the house and he crows at a respectable hour (around 5:30am)

The chickens are another story. They are kept on a string leash so that they don't go inside the living room/pharmacy to lay their eggs.

This week I saw Rudy's mom walk into the yard with a pair of ducks. She told me that she has a male and a female so that they can have baby ducks. The first thing she did is pluck feathers so they couldn't fly away. I don't mind too much. Her son Rudy has finished his cancer treatment and is coming back to Haiti today. The organization that sponsored Rudy in the United States is building Rudy's family a home in the Cap Haitian area. She will be taking her ducks, rooster and chickens with her (I hope). We have been getting some drizzly weather this week. The other morning it was drizzling and I went outside and heard the quacking of ducks. They were happy with the rain.

Benson came up to me the other week and told me that he wants to play baseball and asked me to give him the long ball. I was confused and didn't want to show it so I told him to go in the room and pick up the baseball. He came out with a football. I think he has confused everyone here. The other children have now learned that a football is really a baseball.

Plates disappear sometimes around here and now I have taken a stand. Everyone is responsible for their own plate and needs to look after it themselves. Benson wrote quite a bit on the bottom of his plate to show people that the plate belongs to him.

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