Thursday, September 30, 2010

photos - healing hands - part 4

This mother is listening intently to what Miss Justin is saying.

Parents have hope that one day their child will be able to sit, stand and walk.

For the child on the left she is catching up quickly in her development. She can sit and is able to verbally communicate. Not all children progress at the same rate. The boy laying on his mothers lap on the right side of the picture has more brain damage. Healing Hands will be able to support the mother by providing a wheelchair and showing her range of motion exercises that she can do at home.

When hydrocephalus surgeries occur early in life there is less brain damage. This girl is standing now and will probably soon progress to walking. One day she too will hopefully be able to attend school.

This mother came to the house this week with her 2-year-old son. She had just picked up lab test results for herself and her son. Hers was positive for HIV and Syphilis. Her son was positive for HIV. She is feeling sick and is still undergoing testing to see if she has Tuberculosis as well. We will work with this mother to make sure that both her and her son get registered in the HIV treatment programs that are in place here in Haiti. With treatment she and her son will have an opportunity to have a longer life. Pray for both of them.

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