Wednesday, September 1, 2010

photos - mich - part 1

We drove out to the village of Bonnette last week to see Rachel's mother. She is the woman who is paralyzed on one side of her body and who couldn't look after her baby. Rachel was placed into an orphanage. Rachel is now in the United States. She was one of the children who benefited from the humanitarian parole after the earthquake. Jantje handed out some sandals to the children near Rachel's mother's house.

The teenage girls got hair bands for their hair.

The main purpose of the trip to Bonnette was to bring Mich to see his mother. We parked Kimosabee by the spring and walked the rest of the way to the village. It is a nice walk. I didn't want Kimosabee to get any dirt on him from the muddy roads.

We passed some men sitting in the shade of these trees.

This is a wildflower we spotted on our walk to the village. Natures beauty!

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