Sunday, September 26, 2010

photos - storm - part 6

All over the place limbs and trees fell down during the wind. This is a tree that fell on Delmas 31.

This tree fell onto a house that had collapsed during the earthquake on Delmas 31.

The wind was powerful. This palm tree is now bent. I wonder if it is stuck in this position now!

The tree limb that you saw that crushed a tent in the refuge camp in part 2 was removed the next morning and the family is rebuilding their shelter. No time to waste when you have no shelter. The Haitian people are very determined. Saturday morning you could hear the sound of machetes cutting wood as people cleaned up after the storm.

There was a lot of storm damage. We took a lot of photos. I will post more in a couple of days. The St. Louis refuge camp suffered a lot of damage during the storm. We spoke with committee members who run the refuge camp and they told us that 1,250 families (approximately 6,500 people) live in this camp and 400 tents were destroyed in the camp by the storm. They also estimate that they require another 600 tarps. We are going to see if the large mission organizations can provide tents and tarps. With the camps that we visited on Delmas 31 alone there are probably 1,000 tents destroyed. The estimate for the city is around 5,000. I think those estimates are very low and probably should be doubled. Pray for those who have lost their shelter.

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