Friday, April 20, 2012

photos - "thames canal" - part 2

There will need to be a lot of homes rebuilt in the neighborhood once the canal is done.
In September the Red Cross decided to knock Yonel's new home down to make room for an expanded canal.
Grafitti marks the place.

All down the line houses were smashed for the canal widening project.
And this is what is left of Yonel's home now. A big contast from the family photo at the entrance to his home in the Part 1 photos. Yonel just told us this week the next part in the "Thames Canal" saga. The Red Cross now says that it is not necessary to make the canal that wide. All these houses got bashed down for nothing! Pray that one day Yonel gets his house rebuilt. The Red Cross did promise to do that but we don't know which year it will be :)

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