Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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Following the killing of their fellow police officer Walky Calixte on April 17, [and several other members of the PNH in recent weeks], members of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) no longer hesitate to openly show their "fed up" face to the situations of violence. They are more often the target and victim, threatening last week to strike on Monday.

Faced with this threat, the Ministry of Justice has reacted strongly, reminding the members of the PNH, that the right to strike is prohibited in the police institution.

"The Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) notes with astonishment that, following the assassination of one of them, some officers of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), exhibited behavior inconsistent with their core mission, which is to guarantee the safety of lives and goods.

The MJSP would like to remind to the police officer strikers that under Article 34.1 of the Staff Manual of the PNH, the right to strike is prohibited at the police institution level. The PNH officers are subject to the right of reservation and must exercise restraint in the exercise of their function. The MJSP ensures the High Command of the National Police of Haiti of its support for all legal and regulatory provisions taken for a return to calm.

Moreover, the MJSP, while addressing his sympathies to the relatives of victims and police officers and to the police institution, requires of the judicial authorities the initiation of public action to ensure justice [...]"

Monday, at a press conference, Mario Andrésol, Director General of the PNH called to order the police officers and launched an appeal for calm "[...] To the police officers, I told them not to be manipulated [...] At the police command level we are following the situation closely. We expect to have all data on hand to talk about not only the police officers, but also the population. Police officers are not allowed to strike, and to make protest movements. The regulation prohibits it [...] We will not tolerate people with deviant behavior. At the same time [...], we see that the Government Commissioner with all good will, is already at work on the issue. The file is already in the cabinet of instruction [...] We will leave that in the hands of justice, so that justice continue on the issue. It is the only way, I think, to get out of the situation of disorder... [...] I reiterate my appeals for calm [...] We are here to work together. I ask the police not to take to the street [...] We are here to protect and serve, police can not be a problem, the police is the solution [...] the police commander urges you to recover. We want everyone to return to work correctly, and we ask the population, which is there to support the police, to let justice do its work [...]"

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