Saturday, April 28, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Laurent Lamothe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, received yesterday Thursday, in Port-au-Prince, his Colombian counterpart, His Excellency Maria Angela Holguín. Chancellor Holguín visited the Haitian National Pantheon Museum(MUPANAH), before visiting the National Palace, for a working session with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Interior and of Justice, who described the situation of the country, and shared their ideas with her, in a spirit of solidarity between the two countries.

During an interview broadcasted on tv and radio, Ms. Holguín, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, declared that she wanted to strengthen the ties that unite the two peoples since Simon Bolivar, and provide technical assistance, in many areas, related to the development and reconstruction of Haiti.

The main sectors involved in this cooperation are: energy, education, health, sanitation, infrastructure and modernization of neighborhoods. According to Laurent Lamothe, Minister Maria Angela Holguín came to share the experience of her country in the management and improvement of living conditions in Colombia, especially in the city of Medellín, whose inhabitants lived in difficult conditions, and it has been completely renovated.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Haiti, with the help of Colombia, and as part of the business diplomacy advocated by Chancellor Lamothe, plans to continue her experience with joint units, which will work on the renovation of neighborhoods, and the disadvantaged. A Haitian-Colombian Joint Commission will help identify the various partners, and new investors, in order to find favorable solutions to the development of the country.

The Government of Haiti will take advantage of the visit of the Colombian Chancellor, to explore new forms of exchanges of migration, scholarship and business trips, to facilitate the start of the agreements of solidarity between Haiti and Colombia.

Also during this visit, Mr. Thierry Mayard Paul, the Minister of Interior; Michel Brunache, Minister of Justice, alongside the Secretary of State for Public Security, Reginald Delva, discussed with the Colombian Chancellor, cooperation in the field of security; given that Colombia has one of the best anti-kidnapping units in the world, and that it is determined to provide technical assistance to Haiti.

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