Friday, April 20, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Taiwanese government on Thursday, signed an agreement for the construction of 5.4 kilometers of road [Gérald Bataille - Boulevard 15 octobre]. These works, funded by the Republic of China Taiwan, to the tune of USD$9 million, will be performed by the renowned firm OECC over a period of 18 months.

Laurent Lamothe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs declared "[...] We are here as bearers of good news. The good news is that the Republic of Taiwan will help us with the funding of 5.4 km of road, which is an extension of the Toussaint Louverture International Airport road. This will enable us to improve road conditions and reduce the frustrations that exist for buses and cars circulating around the axis of the airport.

[...] It's for me an honor to be here with you, to receive this participation from Taiwan, [...] which also helps us in reconstruction projects of buildings, and projects in agriculture. The Taiwanese cooperation is spreading in many areas..."

Jacques Rousseau, Public Works Minister, present at the signing of the agreement, explained the work. "This is the road from Gérald Bataille, arriving at Boulevard 15 Octobre. This road measures exactly 5.311 linear meters [...] it will be lined with hydraulic concrete to a depth of 20 centimeters [...] There will be first of all, from Gérald Bataille - over a length of 90 meters, a 6-lane road; then over a length of 400 meters the road has 4 lanes, and the rest will have 2 lanes. The entire route will have a median strip [...]"

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