Thursday, April 19, 2012

photos - easter - part 6

The lady on the left side of the group of 4 in the photo is a food/used clothes/articles vendor in front of our house. Every day she stays there hoping to sell something to support herself.
This choir sang a few songs. You can see on their faces how they put everything into their music.
The ladies dressed in blue were part of a church group from the Belle Anse district of Haiti. When the pastor asked the members of the congregation from Belle Anse to stand up about 40 people stood up. The church provided a place for them to sleep and also provided food and water during their stay.
Each person had a unique expression as they sang songs. In Haiti singing is a necessary and important part of every service.
This man sang a solo. I took a bunch of videos of the singing but with the slow internet connection and download/upload limits I wasn't able to upload them. One of these days when I visit Canada I will set them up on You Tube or something.

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