Thursday, April 19, 2012

photos - easter - part 4

The girls wore head coverings at the front of the church.
The youth group didn't sing but they recited bible passages that they had memorized and spoke for about 10 minutes with no notes!
It was an amazing thing to watch. They kept their eyes closed while they spoke.
Pastors from different churches attended this special service. Pastor Octave wanted me to sit up front too with the other delegates but I told him I wanted to sit in the "bleachers" with the congregation :)
After the service was a congregational meal. I have never been a part of this before. Everyone who was there received a plate of food. Women from the congregation cooked up big pots of food. The different pastors who spoke brought with them gifts of money from their congregation to Pastor Octave's congregation. These funds helped to buy the food. People also donated food to be prepared.

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