Friday, April 20, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Under the program against hunger that the President Martelly established, the Prime Minister-designate, Laurent Lamothe, paid a visit Thursday, to evaluate the National School Feeding Programme (PNCS), at the National School of Canada, on Delmas 3. Talking to the students, Laurent Lamothe declared :

"[...] I must tell you, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs that one of the tasks I have set for myself, is to ensure that when I travel outside the country, it is to get solutions, resources, and funding; so that more children can receive food, and that more children can attend school, because today, Haiti is ill and the country needs remedies and solutions [...] As one student told me just now, my dream is that all children will go to school for free [...], and my other dream is that the PNCS program, can increase from 325,000 to one million children, who will be able to benefit from a good meal in good conditions [...]

I have not come here as Prime Minister. You know I'm in the ratification at the Chamber of Deputies [...]; but my role as a Haitian, and as a patriot, is to come and listen, to see what are the problems, and if tomorrow, the House ratifies me, I would have already identified the problems, and come with solutions [...] It is necessary that the problems become solutions; this is why we will work hard with the Director, and the coordinator of the PNCS and with the Minister of National Education, in order to bring more children to school for free, to feed more children [...]

It is important that the authorities of the State provide services to children, because children are the future of Haiti. Children are the country, so we need to care for the children. We need to feed our children, we need to give a way to study, for tomorrow will come a generation of Haitians that everyone will be proud of. That's what we came to solve.

The President came with a program to bring all children to school for free over 5 years. We came up with a program to remove school fees in the national schools. We will continue like that, because we believe in you, we believe that our children must find a good education [...]

We will work on transportation, to put more buses on the streets. We are already working with Korea, who will send 50 additional buses for free [...] We will continue to work, because the people need a government that works for them, who put themselves to the service of the public. The Minister of Education, and the PNCS are there for you [...], the President is with you, the Government is with you. The only thing to do is study and get good grades. It is necessary to study to get good grades, so that tomorrow, you can become a doctor, engineer, and agronomist, because the country's future is in your hands [...]"

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