Sunday, April 29, 2012


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Mr. Thierry Mayard Paul, Minister of the Interior and Local Authorities took swift action to achieve the electrification of the town of Terrier Rouge. During a visit to this city, Friday, April 20, the Minister announced the start of work for Thursday, April 26, 2012. This displacement of the Minister of the Interior, follows a tense situation recorded in the department of the Northeast where residents of Terrier-Rouge had barricaded the road linking the city of Cap-Haitien to Fort-Liberté, to ask local authorities for electricity in the town.

Mr. Mayard Paul immediately addressed the requests to the Secretary of State for Energy, René Jean Jumeau, and to the Secretary of State for Public Works, Philippe Cinéas. The signing of an agreement with the company Elmecen, responsible for carrying out the work in the city, was made ​​effective the same day. An amount of three million gourdes has already been released for the start of this project.

Accompanied by the Departmental Delegate, Hugo Charles, the Mayor of the city, David Jean-Louis, and the Director of Police, Abner Vilmé, Minister Mayard Paul listened to the inhabitants of the city, and informed them of the steps taken, and results achieved. The population expressed its satisfaction for the quick solution provided by the Minister.

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Anonymous said...

This is a City that was already scheduled to be powered with new lines and energy from the caracol Industrial park project. The parks Electrical energy is being developed from Diesel generators and will soon be expanded to power from solar and other sources. the project was designed and funded and contracted to connect the power from caracol to cap Hatian and supply the cities in between earlier this year. they are simply just now getting the contractors out and doing tthe building. the politicians ar now simply trying to say they are responding to a local demand for serice with a project already provided for and starting any way