Saturday, April 21, 2012


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The Office of the Secretary of State for the Integration of Disabled Persons (BSEIPH) proceeded Thursday to the signing of an agreement, at St. James Hospital in Martissant with leaders of the organization "Development of Health Activities in Haiti" (DASH), which works in the field of health in Haiti. The agreement aims to provide free medical care in the network of hospitals run by DASH, to nearly 500 people living with disabilities.

In his speech for the occasion, GĂ©rald Oriol Jr., Secretary of State for the Integration of Disabled Persons, stated the obligation of the Haitian State to provide adequate health care to people with disabilities, and thanked the DASH team for this commitment "This program can serve as an example, and a model to follow to arrive one day at having free and accessible health care for all citizen," declared Oriol.

In addition to free health care, the beneficiaries of this agreement, members of associations regularly registered at BSEIPH will have access to community pharmacies of DASH and be able to obtain generic drugs at a cost of 100 gourdes for whatsoever medication.

The access to the laboratory community of DASH is also provided in this agreement. Xrays, sonographic examinations, paraclinical examinations, and emergency care will be offered to the disabled at preferential costs.

DASH is also committed to providing these people, preventive health services in the areas of HIV\AIDS, family planning and health education. In addition, all children under 6 years age of program beneficiaries, will have access to consultations and free vaccinations at the medical centers of DASH.

Present at the signing, Dr. Ronald Laroche, Director of the DASH organization, staff members of BSEIPH and DASH, representatives of associations working in the disability field, and beneficiaries of the program. Responsibles of the pharmaceutical agency PROPHALAB, and the organization FHADIMAC, also attended the signing ceremony. PROPHALAB has in addition donated a first batch of medicines for people with disabilities as part of this project.

In Haiti almost 10% of the population lives with a disability and only 5% of this group have access to health care.

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