Wednesday, April 25, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

This Wednesday, President Martelly, who continues his recovery in the U.S., following a pulmonary embolism, says he feels healthy, but he is still waiting the authorization of his doctors to fly and return home.

"I salute the Haitian population and all those who follow me abroad. This is a great pleasure today for me to feel healthy, and in good shape to talk with you. Before I begin I want to say thank you to the great Master. I also say thank you to everyone who kept me in their prayers, and in their heart, in the difficult times I had to cross. Your prayers mounted, and grace descended.

As you know, after the surgery on my right shoulder on April 5, I had some discomfort [...] The examination revealed a pulmonary embolism. It is a complication that can cause death [...] The Grand Master [...] has spared me...

In Haiti and in Miami there are Haitian doctors who took care of the President. Here there is pride, and thanks to the doctors, today the President is in shape and ready to return home Tet Kalé ! [...]

The President will be back soon [...] We look forward to the next government being installed so that we can continue working for the people, because promises are debts. The victory is for the people. We have never stopped working, but Haiti needs its President inside the country. Today we are awaiting the authorization of the medical team, which will allow us to fly back home. Thank you and goodbye".

Laurent Lamothe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister-designate stated yesterday Monday, "[...] the President is recovering, the President is 'rebuilt' [...] The problem for him is to take a plane to return [...] He is in shape, at 100%. I met him, I speak with him on the phone every day; but he has to take precautions, because with what he had in his lungs, he must be careful; especially when he travels by air. Doctors have estimated that by the end of next week he could return and that it will not be a problem..."

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