Saturday, April 28, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Visibly frustrated that the Prime Minister-designate, Laurent Lamothe, still has not officially met those responsible of the Alternative, as part of the ratification process; preferring to discuss with some parliamentarians and party leaders, the member of the Alternative platform (OPL and Fusion), Evans Paul, the leader of Konvasyon Inite Demokratik (KID), is outraged, which he describes as "a bad practice".

He describes as "a lie", those who argue that Laurent Lamothe is the one that will get the country out of the crisis, asks for his early ratification. Laurent Lamothe will not be able to meet his commitments vis-à-vis the parliamentarians, speaking of manipulation and improvisation that could lead the country into chaos.

Evans Paul deplores the attitude of some senators at the end of their term, who have voted in favor of the Prime Minister designate, by focusing on their personal interests, over those of their political parties. He says that for the Alternative platform, it is clear that the Prime Minister-designate, is not eligible, and invites his colleague deputies, "to assume their responsibilities, on voting day."

Furthermore, the leader of KID estimates that, "the current governance of the country has nothing to do with democracy", and that in the absence of the Head of State and of a Prime Minister, "the government is dysfunctional."

An opinion not shared by André Lemercier Georges, the Minister of Economy and Finance, who states instead that, "the resigning government is not dysfunctional, in the absence of the President Martelly [...]; all ministries are at work [..., the government is healthy."

Finally, Paul Evans considers that "the current crises are the result of the ignorance of the head of state of the policy", noting that his position is shared by many observers, who also question the ability of President Martelly to direct the country, due to the absence of decisions on certain issues."

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