Monday, April 30, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

President Michel Martelly is back in the country. Arriving this Monday morning at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport, after two weeks of recovery in the United States, following his hospitalization for a pulmonary embolism, standing before the press, and an eager crowd for his return, the Head of State has declared:

"[...] Hello, I will begin by saluting God, who has the power of life and allows me to stand before you today, to continue working to satisfy the Haitian people and meet their expectations, since they have chosen me in March 2011, as President of Haiti.

I thank everybody, here and abroad; all public, civil and religious organizations, all who have prayed for me, who have sent messages of encouragement and have allowed for prayers to go up so that grace came down, and that my health is improving.

I thank all the doctors who took care of me both in Haiti and abroad, and that have allowed me today to stand here. Again, I am proud that they are Haitian doctors.

I also thank the legislative branch that sent a delegation to Miami to visit me, and who also bring a letter of wishes from the President of Parliament, Mr. Desras. In this letter, he wished me a speedy recovery, and also offered a "Tèt Ansanm". Tèt Ansanm, so that the country can move forward. I appreciate that and I encourage this Tèt Ansanm.

I salute all the representatives of the judicial power. I want to remind you, that's when these three powers will be together, that Haiti will be able to give battle against all the calamities that are facing us. It is at this time, that we will be able to meet all the challenges, that we will be able to change the life of every Haitian. We must think of the motto on our flag...

[...] I salute the people of Haiti as a whole, I know you wanted to see me. You came to see me today, and here I am. As you can see, I'm standing in good shape. I returned to continue the work and meet all the challenges of the moment.

I know all the problems that you have just undergone; problems that result from the weaknesses of our institutions. That's why I've always said that this work, I could not do it alone. It is necessary that the people are with us. You must help me in this fight. I need the assistance of each Haitian, your involvement, your help; because we have to win this fight.

I take this opportunity to call on the international community, so that it continues to help us in strengthening our institutions. All the problems we face today, resulting, again I repeat, of the weakness of our institutions, are because they lack resources and money to strengthen [...]

I would like to ask Parliament to continue to activate the process of the ratification of the Prime Minister. I want to congratulate the first step in the Senate. Thank you for the diligence, thank you for the decision you have taken to ratify the Prime Minister-designate [...]

With the installation of a new Government, a new budget will be voted on, projects can be made​​, and the infrastructure will be built. Port-au-Prince will become a building site, decentralization will happen. I will open the way for the organization of elections, to fill all empty seats, so that we advance on the path of development.

Thank you again. I wanted to see you, and I'm very happy to be at home, in Haiti; nothing exceeds lakay.

We must move forward, be together, be involved in the change, so that we can bring victory for the people, Tet Kalé.

Thank you."

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