Saturday, April 28, 2012


(Haiti Libre)  -

Laurent Lamothe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and 3 senators [Kély Bastien, Edwin Zenny, John Joël Joseph] will make a courtesy visit, this Friday, to President Martelly, who is recovering in Miami.

Simon Dieuseul Desras, President of the Senate, indicated that this initiative was taken by the office of the Senate in accordance with Chancellor Lamothe, insisting on a social visit over the political divisions... "This is the President who is sick, we are not indifferent [...] This is a humanitarian act...", indicating that the lower house, could also send representatives to visit the Head of State.

A "sociopolitical" visit which follows [coincidence ?] the allegations of Senator Wesner Polycarpe, who expressed doubts this week about the diagnosis of Haitian doctors [as the Senator and Dr. Kély Bastien] are affirming. "He does not recover overnight from a pulmonary embolism," claimed the office of the Senate, and he made a formal request to the presidency, to get the accurate diagnosis of the illness of the Head of State...

Reacting strongly to the statements of Senator Polycarpe, Senator Edwin Zenny (Edo), a close friend of the Head of State, responded to the Senator: "If he has a duty to inform the public about his illness, for cons, the Chief State has no accountability to senators," adding that "there is a team of 5 Haitian doctors who are treating President Martelly; "and reminding Senator Polycarpe;" We can not be a doctor for 25, 40 years and remain with what we learned in the past. Science advances. It is necessary to constantly retrain to be current and understand some cases..."

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