Sunday, April 22, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Réginald Delva, Secretary of State for Public Security, declared Friday that a solution will be found once and for all, next week about the illegal occupation of former bases of FAd'H [Armed Forces of Haiti], and of public buildings by men in fatigues, and sometimes armed claiming to be former members of FadH, and claiming among other things, the payment of their salaries, unpaid for 18 years...

"...once and for all, in the days ahead. I think this problem will be resolved and certainly we want to solve it peacefully. We want to resolve it through dialogue, and I think that there are lots of possible solutions on the table, that we are exploring, and I think that by next week we will have to take stock of what has been achieved in relation to this crisis [...] to calm the spirits in relation to the former military, who indeed are impatiently awaiting [the payment of their salaries for 18 years].

We will take steps, we have already spoken with the office of the demobilized military to see how we will launch an appeal so that this is starting to be done, to allow everyone to go back to their homes, empty the camps in calm, in a formula that will allow everyone to be happy, with a final solution that we will find next week [...]

[...] It is not these gentlemen who will decide what will be done; it is the State. President Martelly spoke of a rule of law in all his campaigns, and so far we are here to make it respected. There is a Commission that was set up which must issue a final decision on the question of the new public force, so I think it is very clear. That's why we are doing a lot of dialogue. We are talking, observing, and are exploring several options. You will see very soon, that we will find a final solution to this problem..."

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