Monday, April 23, 2012


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While a number of official statements of the Dominican Republic formally certify the absence of any conspiracy against the Government of Haiti, and especially against President Martelly; Pierre Édouard Kanzki, who found himself cited in this political and financial imbroglio, urges the Haitian authorities to confirm beyond any doubt, to the Haitian people, that he is not involved in this supposed plot, in order to clear his name, that of his family, and to regain his human dignity and his freedom as a citizen.

Note from the lawyers of Pierre Édouard Kanzki :

"Pierre Édouard Kanzki is protesting openly and with great vehemence against these serious charges that were deliberately manipulated, as a conspiracy or plot against the Internal Security of the State, though pernicious and malicious this may be - it is detrimental to his honor and that of his family, and to his human dignity and freedom as a citizen.

Pierre Édouard Kanzki, without any misunderstanding, to the Haitian people as a whole and to the people of the Dominican Republic, that he has never been involved or is involved directly or indirectly, in a conspiracy of any kind, to the prejudice of any person whatsoever.

He invites the Haitian population to read several statements, for the most exhaustive, from officials of the Dominican Republic, as the main candidate for the Party of President Fernandez, Mr. Danilo Medina, and the Magistrate Yeni Berenice Reynoso, who attests formally and openly of the apparent absence of any conspiracy against the Government of Haiti and, particularly, of President Joseph Michel Martelly.

Hence, such clarifications thus made by the highest dignitaries of the Dominican Government, most directly concerned by these insinuations,.... certify and solemnly proclaim the correlative absence of any criminal act attributable to Mr. Kanzki and of any fact justifying his presence in front of any political or judicial authority whatsoever..

In this regard, the citizen Pierre Édouard Kanzki urges the Haitian authorities to put clearly in front of the nation every veil of suspicion that it has tried to put unduly on his fragile shoulders, and thus invite him to proclaim and confirm, unambiguously before the people, his full innocence of this political and financial imbroglio in which they have tried to implicate him.

On behalf of truth, that light is !"

Petionville, April 20, 2012
For: Pierre-Edouard Kanzki
Cabinet Frizto Canton
Cabinet Camille Leblanc

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