Sunday, April 29, 2012


Saturday was a special day. Joanna, who is one of our teacher assistants in the kindergarten classes has been attending Pastor Marcelin's church for some time now. Her Christian faith has been growing and she wants to participate in doing missions with the church. The problem in Haiti is that many couples don't get married and just live together because they can't afford a wedding. Pastor Marcelin encouraged Joana to get married and Saturday she and her husband David got married. A lot of our Coram Deo family were there to witness this celebration. Now Joana can participate fully in all the activities of the church. Pray for Amos' father, Pastor Marcelin as he pastors his congregation. It is good to see the lives of our Coram Deo family strengthening and increasing in service to the Lord.

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Marlene Magashazi said...

congrats to johanna and her husband