Saturday, April 21, 2012


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A reflection on the management of medical care and strategies for the strengthening of emergency medical care in Haiti, was held as part of the week of the diaspora, at the fourth day of activities organized by the Ministry of Haitians living abroad (MHAVE), around the official celebration of the National Day of the Diaspora, on April 20.

Convened by the MHAVE, this panel that brought together doctors from Haiti and abroad, was allowed to assess the country's health system, and to consider possible solutions.

Dr. Joseph Pierre Paul Cadet, President of the Executive Committee of the Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE) declared: "Haiti gave a lot without making any claims in terms of investment in university education, to provide doctors, nurses etc... to the developed countries". He thinks that it is time to think about the return of these investments in the country, by the return to Haiti, of these health professionals and their involvement in the community.

In its considerations, the AMHE notes that the Haitian health system, remained for years in a precarious position. The AMHE estimated that the earthquake of January 12, 2010 has complicated the situation and the problem will only worsen without a rapid intervention; noting that only 8.3% of the population have adequate sanitation and 8.5% have access to adequate distribution of water...

To ease this burden, those of the Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad, proposes a framework of reflection, and to an awareness of the issue for a lot of people. Topics covered during these discussions, were among others: E-health in Haiti: from theory to practice with a video presentation; Training and exchanges from Canada (video presentation); medical education; response to medical emergencies : support...

As part of a program of distance learning developed for the benefit of the Medical School of Haiti; "Residents of Haitian hospitals, will be invited in hospitals in New York," promised the participants, knowing that the future of any society depends on its human resources, who must be protected.

According to Dr. Aldy Cartor, who spoke on the strategies of strengthening the emergency medical care in Haiti, "it is time that we define 'Haitian' strategies, able to save lives after a traffic accident", citing as an example the recent accidents on National Road #2, in the height of Morne Tapion, which caused extensive loss of life due to lack of emergency care.

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