Saturday, April 21, 2012


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Friday, Laurent Lamothe, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Prime Minister-designate delivered a speech to the National Institute of Administration, Management and International Studies (INAGHEI) on the occasion of the launch of acompetition to recruit 10 trainees from different academic backgrounds, for the renewal of public service executives.

Speech by Laurent Lamothe :

"...Mr Representative of the Director of the institution,
Distinguished heads of departments,
Dear teachers,
Dear students,

It is great pleasure to find myself once again at INAGHEI, this home of higher education, which since its inception in the 70's provides government and private enterprises with executives, whose competence can be measured by the scale of problems solved and the quality of service be provided.

Despite the difficulties of all kinds faced by students and teachers, the major concern of the Government of the Republic is to address, as much as possible, the human resources produced by the State University of Haiti and, as I had promised during my previous visit to INAGHEI, I solemnly launch today, the competition to help recruit 10 trainees from different academic backgrounds. This is a selective search of young hopefuls who, under the leadership of their elders, will certainly participate in the renewal of public service executives.

Dear students,

The launching ceremony testifies without context, the trust placed by the Government in the youth animated by the natural desire to assert themselves into society, and whose patience and the most generous and ambitious dreams, are put to severe tests.

Our willingness to engage with them, in all serenity, in a frank and constructive dialogue, will eliminate the traditional barriers to the national office, maintained by selfishness and mistrust; of course outside of deep structural problems in which the Haitian society suffers.

Dear teachers,

The university, as elsewhere, must play its role, by providing to the Haitian society, the potential solutions to economic and structural problems, to which it faces, and to participate in its full development. It must work with government, because ultimately, the happiness of Haiti concerns all of us.

Thank you for your attention and good luck."

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