Thursday, May 3, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

In a few hours, the deputies gathered in Assembly should vote for or against the ratification of the Prime Minister-designate, Laurent Lamothe. Despite the numerous allegations and suspicions and rumors concerning the duration of residence and nationality of Laurent Lamothe, the Special Commission of the Lower House, estimated in its conclusion, that Laurent Lamothe was eligible to the position of Prime Minister and that its documents met what is prescribed in the Constitution by Article 157.

A conclusion criticized by sources close to the parliament, which indicated that before the submission of the report the conclusion would have been modified in favor of Prime Minister-designate, against the advice of experts who have [allegedly] estimated that the candidate's file lacked precision on the issue of residence and nationality.

Despite some differences of opinion, it would appear that the majority of the deputies prepare to vote in favor of Laurent Lamothe, with the exception of some deputies of the Group of Parliamentarians for Renewal (GPR) [which is no longer the majority in the lower house], and of Deputies for the Democracy and Progress (PDP ), and the irreducible Deputy BĂ©lizaire ... all other blocks seem favorable to the candidacy of the Prime Minister-designate.

Senator Youri Latortue, while recognizing that the Assembly of his fellow deputies is sovereign in its decision, encouraged the deputies to ratify the choice of the Prime Minister-designate. "I sincerely hope that the deputies ratify the choice of Laurent Lamothe as Prime Minister. This would allow the establishment of a new Government, and finally set a date for achieving the next parliamentary and municipal elections."

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