Wednesday, May 30, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Tuesday, President Michel Martelly, and Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe signed five presidential decrees, including the one repealing the Order of September 2, 2010 [Preval Government ], declaring a public utility the downtown of Port-au-Prince.

This signing session was attended by Patrick Rouzier, Adviser to the President, Ms. Gabrielle Hyacinthe, the Mayor of Port-au-Prince, Ms. Josiane TribiĆ©, Representative of Michel Mourra of SOS Centre-ville, the Engineer Jacques Rousseau, Minister of Public Works, and Me. Thierry Mayard Paul, Minister of the Interior and Local Authorities.

The 5 presidential decrees:

- Decree repeals the Decree of 2 September 2010 signed by the Preval Government, which had declared the center of the capital a public utility (the Government declares the Rue du Champ de Mars area reserved for the construction among others, of public buildings)

- Decree concerning the resumption of reconstruction activity in the city center, which should be realized in compliance with standards and defined zoning

- Decree allowing the executive to define the perimeter of the downtown

- Decree making the Champs de Mars, a National Park

- Decree declaring  the waterfront a reserved area

President Martelly declared that the signing of these decrees corrects a miscalculation of the previous government, and opens the commercial center to entrepreneurs, whose construction starts will generate jobs. "Today, the decision is taken, the decree is signed. Let us unite to rebuild the downtown;" stating that the capital will not be rebuilt without the efforts of the private sector, and the contribution of its people. The Head of State invited the Ministry of Public Works to put as a priority the publication of new construction standards for the downtown.

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