Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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On Tuesday, May 29, a multilateral summit was held in the office of the Primature, with  delegations of officials from Venezuela, Argentina and Cuba. This meeting is part of the monitoring of commitments signed April 25, 2012 in Port-au-Prince. These delegations, composed of eminent diplomats, and top leaders of each country, wanted to mark by their presence, their attachment to the Haitian people; but especially to renew to the world, their support to the development of Haiti, in the context of post earthquake assistance.

During his intervention, Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister and Ministers of Foreign Affairs, focused on solidarity, which is the cornerstone of this cooperation between Haiti and countries of Latin America. He sent a deep thanks to these counterparts and to the dignitaries of the various delegations at this working meeting of high importance, for the future of the cooperation of Haiti with its partners.

Moreover, the discussions focused on the following topics:

Agricultural Development

Retrocession to the Haitian Government of an envelope of 69 million U.S. dollars within the program PetroCaribe

Creation of a joint venture for the management of such funds

Construction of 5,000 housing units throughout the 10 departments of the country



Offers of a program of three hundred scholarships to Haitian students and executives

Capacity building of the Haitian public administration

During this summit, 3 agreements have been signed :

1 - Letter of Intent for the construction of the hospital of Corail in Grand Anse, the Hospital bearing the name of Nestor Kishler, for $780,217.98 U.S. dollars;

2 - Social Agreement between the Minister of Poverty and Human Rights, Ms. Roxane Augustus, and the Head of the Delegation of Argentina, Mr. Eduardo Antonio Zuain, Secretary of External Relations;

3 - Agreement with Venezuela, Argentina and Haiti, totaling $15 million for strengthening the Agricultural sectors.

The Ministers of Agriculture: Thomas Jacques; of the Peasants: Ms. Mimose Felix; of Health: Ms. Florence Duperval Guillaume, did not hide their appreciation on behalf of the Haitian people, and promised to visit these friendly countries, to better assimilate their sustainable development programs.

This multilateral summit, also intervenes in a context where the Haitian government is taking every effort to ensure the country's reconstruction, improve the living conditions of the population, and attract foreign direct investment; essential to the creation of wealth and employment, and factors of economic and social development.

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