Thursday, May 3, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

On the occasion of Agriculture and Labor Day, 1st May 2012, the peasants of Brière, a town in the 8th communal section of Petit-Goâve, have shown an act of exemplary citizenship, by performing a huge reforestation operation.

At the initiative of the Association for the Development of Peasants of Moulin-Rond (ADPM), led by Dorismond Fontin, 300 peasants of Brière have planted around 2,500 seedlings of fruit and forest trees with the cooperation of two independent groups of agricultural workers operating in the rural areas ;"Baz kapab" and "Solution"... Members of both groups have as their objectives the promotion of agriculture, work in gardens, and help to the construction of roads through the countryside.

While singing and eating together, accompanied by a rara band under a light rain, Brière growers have used this day to criticize the insecurity, lack of health infrastructure, lack of judicial authorities, watershed degradation and the marginalization of peasants; and presented their urgent needs such as: solar street lights, a market, a clinic, a public elementary school, a recreation center, and more importantly, the rehabilitation of the main road leading to Brière. They also want to obtain agricultural credits and technical guidance, and have requested for this purpose, the help of the Mayor and Deputy of Petit-Goâve...

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