Wednesday, May 30, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Tuesday, the Canadian Ambassador Henri-Paul Normandin, stated that the new government inspired confidence, that Canada was ready to support Haiti, but that it was now time to take action.

" [...] We're still here, working with our Haitian friends, with the Haitian government, [...] we have recently seen the appointment of a new Prime Minister, the establishment of a new government; and I think that this will have influences on the momentum of development in Haiti. Canada is still there in the field of health, education, food security, economic growth and also in the field of justice and security. I think you are familiar with our support  with the National Police [...] Security is an essential element for the developing of Haiti. We we are here for all these issues, and certainly also for the elections [...] we already have a dialogue with the government, and we are ready to work toward the holding of elections [...]

[...] The new government inspires us with confidence. There is a policy statement that was presented to the government, which is indeed inspiring. There are many good elements on which we are already working, and on which we are ready to commit ourselves even more closely with the Haitian Government. Obviously, what is always the key in a cooperative relationship, is first and foremost, the work that the Haitian national institutions do. As long as the government takes actions, programs, and provisions that allows the country to move forward; well, we are ready to work...

We must take action. I think it will surprise no one, that there are several policies in place that are relevant. There are several announcements which were made of things to come. For example, the Supreme Council of Judicial Power, it's been several months that we have talked about it; maybe this is precisely the time to take a decision and implement this famous Supreme Council of Judicial Power. The political orientation is good, the statements of intentions are good; now it is in action that the work must be done."

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