Friday, May 4, 2012


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Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin, the Minister of Tourism of Haiti, visited the island of Guadeloupe from 26 to 29 April 2012. She participated in "Haiti Compas Festival" and concluded agreements, including one with travel agencies in order to promote visits of Guadeloupe to Haiti, with the collaboration of Air Caraïbes.

During her meeting with the various Directors of Air Caraïbes and the Travel Agency, she was able to obtain a fixed price on flights from Guadeloupe to Haiti every Wednesday of the month of July and August for the Haitian community living there; a measure that would encourage our countrymen to spend their summer holidays in Haiti, or participate in the Carnival of flowers scheduled for 27, 28 and 29 July.

In addition, a tourist Haiti package called "Syrotaj", for the benefit of tourists from Guadeloupe wishing to visit Haiti, will be available in more than 10 travel agencies in Guadeloupe.

Moreover, the Minister has established agreements with the Tourism Committee and the Regional Council of Guadeloupe on:

The establishment of a tourism partnership Haiti-Guadeloupe to improve the image of the country and help in its reconstruction

The cooperation between Haiti and Guadeloupe, in order to attract the Haitian community from Florida.

The promotion of cultural exchanges of Florida between Haiti and Guadeloupe

The implementation of the multi destination Caribbean products for the Asian market.

During her stay, Stéphanie also met with personalities from the private sector and public sector from Guadeloupe, including leaders of the City Council of the City of Abymes, where there is the largest Haitian community. Three major decisions were taken at the end of this meeting: a delegation of elected officials will visit Haiti at the book fair on June 7, a Haitian Week will be held in Guadeloupe in July with a signature sale of Haitian writers, and media support by the City of Abymes.

The Minister, accompanied by her delegation, visited the School of Trades Hotels and Tourism of Guadeloupe. This school has all the facilities for the training of students: internships, 2 restaurants, a documentation center with research room, a cultural center, 6 computer labs, and sports facilities. A formal request was made concerning 4 teachers for the training of trainers in hospitality for one year, and the development of study courses for students in their 2nd year from Guadalupe who could come to Haiti within the framework of a Haiti-France cooperation.

In addition, the Director of Public Relations of the Ministry, Ms Josette Darguste met the Group for Culture and the Carnival of Guadeloupe, a meeting during which agreements were concluded: a delegation of five people will come to the Carnival of Flowers; two experts from the Carnival of Guadeloupe will come in July and August to Haiti to work with designers and Haitian stylists, and a delegation of 100 people will participate in the Jacmel carnival in February 2013.

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