Saturday, May 5, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Following the ratification in the lower house of the Prime Minister-designate, Laurent Lamothe, the congratulations both internationally and nationally never cease to welcome and congratulate the Prime Minister and the Parliamentarians.

For Hébert Docteur, Minister of Agriculture, "It's just a good choice, a responsible choice. All my congratulations to the President of the Republic, and congratulations to the parliamentarians. His Excellency Laurent Lamothe, who did not spare any effort to place our country in the first lodge of Nations, is more than deserving."

Mr. Thierry Mayard-Paul, the Minister of Interior, welcomes the Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, and welcomes the decision of the honorable parliamentarians, who once again, unite for the advancement of the country.

The Honourable Diane Ablonczy, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (Americas and Consular Affairs), today made the following statement welcoming the ratification of Laurent Lamothe as Haiti’s new prime minister. "Canada extends its congratulations to Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. The installation of a new government in Haiti will be a welcome step forward. Canada has been very concerned by the successive political crises that have diverted time and energy away from the Haitian people, whose urgent needs must be the key priority of the Haitian government. Canada encourages Prime Minister Lamothe, and Haiti’s parliamentarians to work toward achieving concrete reforms so that the public interest is upheld, the rule of law prevails, human rights are protected, and the economy is strengthened through local job creation and trade and investment [...]"

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Haiti, Mr. Mariano Fernández Amunátegui welcomes the ratification of the Prime Minister designate, Laurent Lamothe, by the Chamber of Deputies. Mariano Fernández formulates the wish "that the cabinet and the government program of the Prime Minister can quickly obtain the approval of both Houses, so that the government of Haiti can work, without further delay, on the major projects of the strengthening of the rule of law [...] for the reconstruction and for the economic and social development of the country; and this, in the supreme interest of the Nation, and of the Haitian people, who legitimately expect that the commitments that were made are respected." The Special Representative invites public authorities, and all sectors of Haitian society to "build on the spirit of consensus that has prevailed, to strengthen the foundations of national stability, strengthen the institutions of democracy, ensure peace and security, and the development of Haiti [...]"

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