Wednesday, May 2, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Deputy Abel Descolines, Recording Secretary of the Special Commission responsible for analyzing the documents of the Prime Minister-designate, Laurent Lamothe, indicated that in the Conference of the President, which was held Monday, it was decided that the report of the Commission, will be submitted to the vote of the Assembly of the Lower House, on Thursday, May 3, 2012 "...given that usually, when there will be a major session on a subject of national interest, the deputies always wish to have the documents 24 hours, sometimes 48 hours before the session. The office of the Chamber, decided instead of organizing the session on Wednesday, to organize it on Thursday, for the Commission to present its report before the Assembly of Deputies on the conclusions of its work [...]"

Levaillant Louis Jeune, President of the Lower House indicated that he had been asked by the Commission to make some corrections on the report submitted Monday, adding that according to him, these minor corrections do not alter the substance of the report. He confirmed that each member will have a copy of the report by Wednesday morning, 24 hours before the Assembly of ratification and this, in accordance with internal regulations of Parliament. Nevertheless, while observers welcomed the speed of work of the Commission, the President of the Lower House deplores the speed of the work of the Commission, who according to his statements; "will reinforce the suspicions about possible compromises between the deputies and the candidate for the Prime Minister's office"

Deputy Jules Anélus Lyonel [Lestère, Artibonite, North - Ansanm nou fò], Vice President of the Special Commission, has rejected the allegations of the President of the Chamber, concerning the haste observed in the work of the Commission, and possible bargains...

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