Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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This Wednesday, May 16, at the National Palace, the new Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe gave an inauguration speech. We share with you the essentials.

Excerpts from the inauguration speech of Laurent Lamothe : "

[...] Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to serve my country. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to serve my people. I want to say to the President, my compliments; compliments for all your efforts to remove the Haitian people from poverty, hunger and despair. Today the team makes as ONE. Nothing can separate it. I take this opportunity to thank the members of the legislative body, and the parliamentarians who work long hours; days and nights. I met with them and we discussed the problems of the country, and I thank you for the patriotic gestures that you have made, when you gave me your confidence to lead the Government.

President Martelly, on May 14, 2011 you had promised the citizens a change. This change is not a last minute speech in a political campaign; this message is part of a vision, a commitment towards our country, with the Haitian people [...]

Today we celebrate the first anniversary of your presidency, and we begin a new stage in which the experience gained will enable us to move faster in rebuilding our country. Our fellow citizens can not wait [...] In the statement of General Policy approved by Parliament we indicate a way, a clear unequivocal way, to lead our citizens out from extreme poverty and face the challenges of the country [...] The Government, the President, and the Parliament, with the judiciary, will work together to change all that blocks the development of Haiti. This is my commitment. This way derives from a way agreed to by many of our countrymen and follows a dialogue with the different sectors of society. Dialogue will be an indispensable tool for the rebuilding of Haiti [...]

The challenges of Haiti are those of all sectors of society; without exclusions, and no exceptions. We must all accept our responsibilities and commit ourselves in this way of reconstruction.

Together we will rebuild Haiti [...] I repeat, together we will rebuild Haiti. [...]

The time for change has arrived, a new Haitian dream is possible. I know there is a lot of work, there will be lots of nights where we can not sleep. I accepted this appointment, because I believe, and I have the willingness to serve my country, to work for my country; with you, together as a team, so that we succeed in this mission.

Failure will not be acceptable.

[...] We want the Government's plan, the result of dialogue, as a social pact for access to political stability and cooperation of all, to succeed in the shortest possible time, and ensure political stability in Haiti.

[...] My government and myself, have the historic responsibility to realize these changes. Each minister, and I stress every minister, every Secretary of State, Director General and each employee of the state, must undertake to fulfill their responsibilities. The State will be the catalyst of change, and those who are not able to meet the challenge, must give place, and first, myself.

[...] Thank you Mr. President again for your confidence, and I reiterate my engament to accomplish the mission expressed in the statement of General Policy, which has only one goal; the welfare of the Haitian people.

The time for change has come, we have no time to lose, we have no room for error.

At work, put our hands together, vive Haiti

Thank you"

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