Tuesday, May 29, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Mr. Mariano Fernández Amunátegui, the Special Representative of Secretary-General of the United Nations in Haiti, congratulates the Chamber of Deputies for its vote of confidence of the general policy statement of the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, which follows the Senate, last Tuesday, thus completing the parliamentary procedure allowing the installation of the Prime Minister and the Government.

Mr. Fernandez also wishes to acknowledge the efforts and the spirit of dialogue whose the Executive and the Legislative have shown throughout the procedure, and the willingness of the Prime Minister to adopt an approach of unity and inclusion in its dealings.

In the same vein, the Special Representative of Secretary-General joins the voices of Haitians to wish that the new government could rapidly make advance its master plan favorable to the development and progress of the country. Plan that meets the urgent needs and legitimate expectations of the population in the five areas on which is based the general policy statement of the Prime Minister, namely, Economics, Employment, Education, Energy, the Rule of Law and the Environment, which correspond to the five main areas of priority of the President of the Republic. The Minustah welcomes the commitment made in the general policy statement to hold legislative and local elections before the end of the year.

Other challenges await the new Government, including the establishment of a stable and secure climate for economic development, the strengthening of state institutions, whose the National Police of Haiti, the negotiation of a legislative agenda with Parliament to allow the adoption of necessary reforms, the effective establishment of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power that must ensure the independence of the judiciary, and the organization of free and democratic elections. The Government can count on the support of the Minustah to address them.

More than ever, Haiti now needs an atmosphere of peace and serenity to advance in the path of reconstruction and economic and social development of the country.

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