Monday, May 7, 2012


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Back from the World Cultural Economic Forum (WCEF) which brought together leaders from cities around the world, in New Orleans, Louisiana from 2 to 4 May 2012, Mr. Thierry Mayard-Paul, the Interior Minister has signed during the event an MOU with the Payson Center for International Development of Tulane University through which a partnership in the areas of higher education, legal system reform, and affordable housing were agreed upon. These areas will be explored within Katye Pam Poze (KPP), the community-based decentralization program spearheaded by the Ministry of the Interior that includes a wide range of activities. Tulane is looking to introduce online learning within the education module of KPP. KPP looks to provide basic services to all of the communities throughout Haiti, and Tulane will provide technical expertise in the area of waste water.

The City of New Orleans welcomed the idea of partnering with the Ministry of the Interior and the Government of Haiti, by providing technical expertise and support in different fields that allow the building back better of Haiti. New Orleans will provide its assistance to various Katye Pam Poze’s programs. Katye Pam Poze is Haiti’s community based decentralization initiative. The City of New Orleans committed to facilitating other investment opportunities identified by the Ministry of the Interior and the Government of Haiti.

Mr. Thierry Mayard Paul met during the WCEF, Jessica Stevenson, Director of Marketing at the World Trade Center in New Orleans and discussed the more effective methods in order to establish an economic partnership in the areas of energy, agriculture and marine. The State of Louisiana and the Southern Region of the Gulf have many companies that have the ability and expertise to help Haiti in these areas. During this meeting, both parties agreed to establish relationships of investment and trade between the two regions.

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