Wednesday, May 2, 2012


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The Regional Office of Social Affairs of the Southeast in Petit Goâve, has marked the Agriculture and Labor Day, this May 1, 2012, by organizing with different sectors of the city, a day of reflection, on issues related to agriculture and unemployment. Different personalities spoke during the day.

"Our vegetation cover is decreasing every day. Reforestation of the country appears to be an imperative, and citizens must therefore, each plant a tree to improve the vegetation cover and fight against possible floods", declared in his address, Mr. Abdallah Moncy, the Director General of the Town Hall.

For his part, Mr. Arentz Mars, the representative of justice, argued that on an economic point of view, the country was declining; that it has gone from being an exporter to an importer. "[...] on an economic point of view, our country is decreasing, we import food; whereas before we were exporting coffee, cotton and other foodstuffs. Today, we export almost nothing. We need to revive domestic production, so that we can have our economic independence. Without economic independence, the country will go nowhere. A collective awareness is needed in Haiti, imitate our grandparents who gave us trees. Each of us must plant a tree, as it was the case in the past, on the occasion of May 1 [...] The salvation of Haiti depends on the union of all Haitians."

Mr. Rathon Rosman, the Director of Social Services of the regional office in Petit Goâve, has appealed for national and international investment for the country's progress, and to the harmony between employers and workers, for the smooth running of companies. Emphasizing the lack of equipmen,t and lack of means of transport (vehicles and motorcycles), to which is faced the office of Social Affairs, who must serve Léogâne, and Grand Goâve, he asked the authorities concerned to provide the means for operation.

As the Director of the Municipal Agricultural Bureau in Petit-Goave, Sterlin Frenel, asked for the civic responsibility and patriotism of the population. "Each citizen must accomplish their task in a right way, regardless of the industry. Let's get to work. Haiti is not poor. There are Haitians who are poor... If we wish it, we will be able to make an advancement for our country."

The Day of reflection ended with a distribution of agricultural tools to the representatives of farmer organizations and socio-professionals of the town.

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