Tuesday, May 1, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Deputy Thimoleon Stevenson Jacques, President of the Special Commission responsible for analyzing the documents of the Prime Minister-designate, Laurent Lamothe, declared Sunday, that the Commission had completed its work and delivered its report to the Secretary General of the Chamber of Deputies in charge, to transmit it to the Office of the Lower House.

"[...] We had promised to the people that we would table the report in to the office of the House of Representatives Monday. Indeed, Friday night we finished our work. It was 10 pm when we delivered to the Secretary General of the Chamber of Deputies the report, and all documents of the Prime Minister, so that the Secretary-General can transmit it to the Office [of the Lower House] tomorrow morning [Monday] 8:00am. In our case, the report is no longer in our hands, it is in the hands of the General Secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies [...]"

Before the report was delivered, President Martelly had expressed his confidence on a radio station in Miami "[...] I think that we are progressing well. We are advancing towards the ratification of a Prime Minister; a person who is a unifier, who rallys the people, who listens, and can work with people [...] I have confidence [...] I think that if we get together, the executive, legislature and judiciary powers can do miracles in Haiti..."

Friday, Laurent Lamothe, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Fundamental School of Application - Pedagogical Support Center (EFACAP) of Cap Haitien has shown serenity during the ratification process "[...] There are many patriots in the House, many nationalists, many professionals; so I have no reason to think that the process is not just [...]"

For his part, Deputy Eloune Doréus (Môle Saint-Nicolas), spokesman of the Struggling People's Organization (OPL), who said last week at having participated in a meeting with the Prime Minister-designate and his block, "Parliamentarians for Strengthening Democracy" (PRD), warned the members of the Commission against the violation of Article 157 of the Constitution; particularly on the residence of the designated candidate; suggesting that we should expect difficulties on this subject in the Chamber of Deputies.

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