Saturday, May 5, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

President Michel Martelly, closed, Friday, May 4, at the Hotel Karibe, the two-day national seminar on solid waste management, at the initiative of the Metropolitan Department of Solid Waste Collection (SMCRS). Several parliamentarians, Government officials, members of the judiciary and civil society representatives attended the activity.

The health situation of the country, the problem of landfills, waste management and regulatory laws, were, among others, the main themes of this conference, in which several workshops were held. It was an effort to find common ground with the various agencies operating in this area, in order to have a better management of solid waste in the country.

In his closing speech, the Head of State congratulated the SMCRS, in particular its Director, Ing. Donald Paraison, for this noble initiative and expressed his support to this approach, which will outline the possible solutions to transform what is now a nuisance into an opportunity, through the adoption of a coherent waste management system.

President Martelly, noting that safety was a major theme of his campaign, believes that Haiti should be able to offer a welcoming face to his son as well as visitors. To this end, he reiterated his determination to combat the insalubrity. "Someone once said 'that trash is gold', and it is precisely because you have thought about how to utilize our waste in the sense of an expanded deployment in the range of our resources, that this conference has a particular importance for me".

Satisfied and optimistic regarding the achievement, and benefiting from this conference, Ing. Donald Paraison expressed his gratitude to the President, to the current Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, and other authorities and personalities that have supported this activity. "Safety is the first step towards development! ", launched engineer Paraison.

"I expect that the recommendations that came out of your thoughts, fall within a realistic planning aimed at implanting into the Haitian landscape compost plants, ... and units of energy production. Thus, you will contribute in an intelligent and pragmatic way to the construction of a Haiti of continuous progress, of which I'm trying to lay the foundations. I count on you to ensure that the monitoring work of this conference, will produce the results that we are entitled to expect," said the President of the Republic, who launched a solemn appeal to his countrymen, who must understand the necessity to contribute actively in the fight against insalubrity in the collective interest.

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