Wednesday, May 2, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

On the occasion of Agriculture and Labor Day, on May 1, President Martelly, in Croix-des-Missions (Damien), during his closing speech of the traditional agro-industrial fair, has expressed his good wishes of prosperity for the Haitian people and renewed his commitment to accompany farmers to improve the living conditions of Haitians. To this end, the Head of State announced the rehabilitation of 10,000 houses in rural areas under the project, "Rehabilitation of rural housing to the benefit of Haitian farmers."

Praising the courage of the Haitian workers and investors who have agreed to invest their capital, despite the difficult macroeconomic environment of the country, the Head of State appealed to the civic conscience, stating that for the state to provide services, it is necessary that everyone helps the government to enter money into the state coffers.

"...I send a big hats off to all those who are still investing in the country, and without whom, the unemployment would be worse, and our situation more serious. Similarly, I take this opportunity to salute with respect, all young men and women, adolescents and adults, who each day work hard, and allow investors, the people who provide employment, to be there. Because there are no workers without investors, nor are there no investors without workers."

Saluting the trade union sector, and the business sector with great respect and admiration, President Martelly reminded "[...] The State can not provide more services, can not improve the work environment if you do not pay your taxes. If you do not pay what is due when you receive your goods, the state can not offer services. It can not pave roads, provide electricity, build hospitals, and health centers. The State can not do this, if it does not bring money into their coffers.

[...] who says work, says production, who says production, says development, who says development says a lot of money that will go into state coffers. I would like to appeal to your civic conscience, so that you understand that it is a state of services which we want to develop. For this to be done, it is necessary that you help us bring money into the coffers. If you work, you must pay taxes, and if you produce and sell, you must pay taxes and when you pay your taxes, as it should, the state will offer you many services [...]

All the initiatives put in place can not continue without the contribution of all workers, and all employees. I am counting on all of you who are here today, who are the lifeblood of the country, to help the Haitian government to become an independent state, a state that creates jobs [...] We will continue to invest so that our ports can reopen, so they can be restructured to allow us to bring in even more money. In the same way we will continue to invest so that our borders are no longer 'sieves' [...]"

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