Monday, May 7, 2012


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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe has confirmed, he will make his presentation of General Policy Tuesday in the Senate. He gives us some information about his General Policy and a few innovations for his future government "We are working hard, we sleep very little, we have a team of several experts and professionals working on a General Policy, which will focused among the population, which will meet the main points of the country's problems, and will come up with concrete solutions [...] The General Policy will be focused on the theme of the fight against extreme poverty [...] All government programs, will focus on this fight. This is a very important thing for me.

There are many people and sectors that will find themselves in the General Policy of Laurent Lamothe; however it is only a general policy. Therefore it will be focused on major issues and major challenges to address. I don't want go into too much detail, because you know this is a presentation I'm going to do first on Tuesday before the Senate, and then to the Chamber of Deputies. I want them to have the priority to hear what there is in this General Policy.

I can tell you that this general theme, will not remain only within the General Policy. I also have a team working on an action plan...., because we will talk about the means that we will implement to address these challenges. However, the General Policy will be accompanied by an action plan with timing, a whole list of projects that must begin and all persons who must intervene in this beginning [...]

...we are working on different parts of the Cabinet. We are evaluating the different ministries, to see which ministry works more than another, which minister is the most powerful [...] The most important is that first, we have a government of openness where everyone is involved, and secondly a government who has above all, the people in his heart [...]

One of the changes that we will see also is that in our spirit of transparency, we will put for example, a part of the Council of Ministers live on tv, and it will be decentralized. All the councils will not be done in Port-au-Prince, but also in the provinces. During these Council of Ministers, elected officials and notables of the area can express themselves [...] We have for the next 5 months, about 14 billion gourdes [± $335 million] in the investment budget, and of course we will focus it, as we are already doing, on the promises already made [...] We will not put things into studies or in prospects. We will put concrete things, things that will land on which we agreed, where we can give a timetable for implementation [...]"

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Anonymous said...

Good beginning. LET'S get to real actions, so,the people of haiti can restart living once again, like in the time of Papa Doc.