Monday, December 19, 2011


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PORT-AU-PRINCE - The Mayor of Delmas, a district of the capital, Wilson Jeudy, denounced threats and intimidation coming from Deputy Arnel Bélizaire (Delmas & Tabarre/Veye-Yo) on Wednesday.

Mayor Jeudy spoke to the press about a series of actions by Deputy Bélizaire, which he considers abnormal. Jeudy mentioned matters of conflicting interests, declarations of war, and disrespect that have come from his engagements with the deputy of Delmas and Tabarre.

"The conflict that has opened was not opened by the mayor."

"The deputy is a person that is very conflicting in his temperament..."

"You will look and see that there are ongoing conflicts between him and the president, him and some senators and him and some deputies... this is his temperament and we have to deal with it."

"It's as if you are walking down the street and there is someone naked and then they throw a rock and bust your head; because they lack better judgment. This means to say, that you are obligated to pay more attention if a person's mind is not right, so that he doesn't bust your head."

"That's all it is. It is not a conflict between him and myself... he is someone that I helped in the election, but I didn't know the affairs he had had with people, and I ask pardon from the people, because I participated in putting a "calvary" at the center of our commune..."

"The problem we have I believe, is a conflict of interest."

"Since being elected, the deputy wants land, he wants homes, he asks for money, a series of things, and I believe the deputy does not understand... he says I don't give him reports, I'm supposed to send him reports. "

"There is a house we have in our records at Delmas 29. He says the house is for him, we give it to him. He says the house is lacking something, I send more instructions for him..."

"On Delmas 49 there was some land for us to build a library. He says he needs it for a garage... this is what I suspect all the problems are about..."

"When we were arguing he sent a member of parliament from les Anglais to come and argue for him. The parliamentarian told me that he needs the land to build a school. I told the parliamentarian to go build the school in your commune."

The Mayor of Delmas continued with a list of afflictions recently caused by Deputy Bélizaire. Mayor Jeudy says that his city hall is a model for other city halls throughout the country and that they would not get involved in the back and forth with the deputy.

Arnel Bélizaire became an important figure for democracy in Haiti when he was arbitrarily arrested by members of the executive government. Since the resignation of members of government in the aftermath of the arrest, the deputy has begun showing discontent with actions of his colleagues in parliament and members of the executive.

Recently, Senator Simon Desras (Center/Lavni) gave counsel to Deputy Bélizaire that he should take a moment to reflect and observe and handle matters in the forum that is the Haitian parliament.

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