Thursday, December 29, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

This Wednesday, December 28, Jerry Tardieu, President and CEO of OASIS HAITI, explained the objectives of this meeting between the private and public sectors attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs, Laurent Lamothe, in relation to the law on Haitian co-ownership.

"...the objective of today's meeting was to discuss the law on co-ownership in Haiti; a law dating from 1984, which is outdated and requires amendments, and corrections, so that it can be applied effectively and efficiently.

In Haiti, for 200 years, we had no building construction in co-ownership or we had very little, because existing laws are outdated and not appropriate. The idea of this meeting of the private sector with state authorities is to be able to come to a modus operandi; a consensus on the promulgation of an implementing order, which would complement the 1984 Act, and which would allow the co-ownership Act to be effective.

The benefits of this law are numerous. It is a law that can revolutionize the Haitian market; the real estate market. It is a law that can offer to the middle class a quicker access to housing and a better price. It is a law which can lower the pressures on land in Haiti. It is a law which can also allow developers to build or finance skyscrapers, in order to modernize the major cities of Haiti, as this is already being done in Latin America, in megacities such as São Paulo, Buenos Aires, or even in the Caribbean, in Kingston... So basically, we're talking about a very important law, whose implementation is critical to the future modernization of Haiti..."

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